Don’t work for
your space,
make your space
work for you

We exist
to elevate human ingenuity in business

Where freelancers can run ideas by small business owners. Where corporate refugees and entrepreneurs can share ideas over coffee. Fledgling startups can quickly build a diverse social network. We are a business community of movers and shakers, thinkers, and doers.

We provide a professional space for you to work, so you don’t have to kill yourself working just to have space to work in. Instead of paying high rental rates for private offices, you can save on overhead costs and funnel that money back into your business, where it should be. 

Come enjoy the historic feeling of small town Midlothian, Texas with the exposed-brick loft feel of NYC. See how we make our space work for you.

Desker Perks

Our Frills of Membership


Everything you need to be productive and keep your business moving forward. The best part is you don't have to worry about a thing - we're here to ensure you have the essentials right at your fingertips. No more slow coffee shop shared internet, or having a meeting out in the open.


Ok let’s talk coffee!!! Seriously, this legal, addictive stimulant is one of our favorite things in the world. We’re never in short supply. Like Willy’s magical chocolate river, only with coffee and much more sanitary. And no weird boat ride.


Then there is the obvious - High-speed WiFi and charging stations. For those really serious users, you can mainline with direct access to a secure business-grade internet.

Conference Room

Brings versatility to executive meetings or intimate briefings. Equipped for privacy, pinnable wall, writing wall, and a large flat screen monitor with wireless content sharing to bring your next presentation up to a new level.

Mailbox Address

Did you know that some businesses are required to have a legally valid address in order to be registered? No PO boxes here! We can provide you with a legitimate physical address with a suite number.


Sometimes there are just things that you need access to for your business to function. These might seem like little things, but can make a BIG impact on getting things done. From having a notary available to a friendly voice to answer your phones - we're hear to serve you.


Most legal or business paperwork requires a notary. We have one and the service is FREE with your membership!

Phone Service

Need a receptionist? What says “I’m an actual business” more than someone answering your phones for you? We can set up a virtual receptionist service for you with your own phone number. I repeat…your own phone number, not your cell phone.

Office Services

Access to a Printer, Scanner and Photocopier - We’ll include an average amount of printing with your membership cost. No, you can’t print your novel, but we have a local shop nearby so you can get that done as well!


We've all been there -- at home talking to our cat while we stare at the computer. No more! Be part of a vibrant community that helps you accomplish your best work and allows you to connect with people other than your cat. Sorry Felix...


Become an exclusive member to a premier community of Business People and Entrepreneurs called Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur (E2E). Prime seating to featured events and networking opportunities.

Communal Kitchen

Did we talk about coffee already? And yes there are snacks available for purchase if you don’t want to walk to the nearby restaurants.

In-House Library

For those who still like the smell of books. Yes, we have heard of Google and YouTube. We like to stay current on all things interwebs. However, some people like to look at pictures of fluffy puppies, then there are some that really want to hold fluffy puppies. Serious book people operate on the latter. No judgements here.

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220 W Ave F Midlothian, TX

Located near Founder's Row

Choose the plan thats right for you

We like keeping it simple. No contracts just a handshake and you can have month to month access. Here’s how you can become a Desker!

Daily Desker


Professional workspace for all types of business and workers. First come, first serve in our common loft area.

Dedicated Desker


A desk as dedicated to your business as you are. Leave your mark, just don’t carve your name in the desk!

Virtual Desker


4 day passes per month, access E2E events, notary service and Printer, Scanner, Photocopier services.

Double Decker Desker


Perfect for growing teams, grab two desks next to each other to form your team pod. A 2 or 4 dedicated desk pod for your team gives you the ultimate flexibility without the risk of a long lease. They say big things come out of small packages. Show ‘em!

Perfect for a quiet place to work without the commitment. Stay an hour, stay from open to close, whatever suits you.



Interested in joining our community? Enter your details below and you’ll be one of the first in line to pick out your preferred spot in the space!

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Join us for our Grand Opening!

June 1st from 4 pm to 8 pm - There will be food, adult beverages, live music, and prizes! 

Here's how
to get our attention!

We know you’ve been looking for us. Here we are! A hop, skip, and a jump away from all the happenings in downtown historic Midlothian.